Prevent disease rather than treat disease. This is a wise way to lead a healthy and happy life. Traditional Chinese Medicine is an advanced preventative medicine.

My name is Li Jing Zhou. You can call me Lucy. I was born in a doctor's family. My parents were conventional doctors. Also my father had a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was a specialist doctor in TCM.

I love those mysterious mountains. I still keep many beautiful memories of them. My earliest herbal knowledge came from there. I used to pick fresh herbs with my father in the mountains. I was fascinated by these "vivid life saver plants" as I called them. I followed in my fathers foot steps going on to the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 5 years (1985 --> 1990) to gain a medical degree.

I worked as a senior doctor in the Shanghai No 6 Peoples hospital for nearly 8 years. Then I came to the UK in February 1999 working in Chinese Medicine Shops before fulfilling my dream of opening my own practice.

I am very happy I have a chance to use my TCM knowledge to help people. My job is highly rewarding. Every time my clients feel better. Their satisfied smiling is the best gift to me.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not only a disease treating medicine, it is also a preventative medicine; it helps our well being and is anti-aging.

From my heart I wish more people can enjoy this natural Chinese Ancient treatment.


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